4 Reasons Why I Love My Country Church in Switzerland County, Indiana

I was raised in a large city and a large church. I have worked in every state and major city throughout the country. I found the need and want for a slower, easier way of life, away from work.

Concord Country Church
Concord Country Church

Church in Mayberry – Indiana

Moving to Rising Sun, Indiana was like living in Mayberry. I came across this beautiful little church down the lane, to which my neighbor attended.

Reason # 1 – Kindness and Acceptance at Church

I went looking for a piano, my nephew could use for practice. They were kind enough to allow him to play anytime, which he did, even sleeping in the pews. I started attending every Sunday. My nephew would play for worship, with the Pastor, who also is an accomplished musician.

Reason # 2 – No Prejudice – Just Christian

After attending week after week, I found this to be a place where I would like to worship as there is no denomination. They are a Christian in church and out – serving the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. No religion, just Christian.

They areĀ  nice, all the time, without judgement. They see no color or race. Just enjoy each other and are a joy to be near.

Reason # 3 – Pastor Walks the Talk

Pastor is sincerely one of the gentle, kind spirits of the world and is also the heart of the church. We as a congregation love him and his wife.

The church is about God`s love, sharing God`s love, being a Christian and living the life. Praying .

We love music and enjoy singing to praise Jesus.

Reason #4 – We Pray and Sing Praise

We are a praying church.

Come pray with us, as there is power in numbers. Prayer is very strong and the way to talk to God. He will hear us and answer. I can`t tell you what happens when you pray but I can tell you what happens when you do not. I am a prayer warrior, and there is no better place for me to pray than this peaceful little church.

This is an old church, with a special aura, peace in Gods love.

You are Invited to Join Us

Come pray and worship with us and feel the love of Jesus firsthand.


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