Stained Glass #4, The Music Window in Country Church – Rural Indiana

Stained Glass Music Window
Stained Glass Music Window
Stained Glass Music Window

This is the 4th of 7 stained glass windows made for this church. It is called:

The Music Window.

As was said before, all the windows were designed with the congregation in mind, trying to include everyone with ideas. Our church is a very musical and praying church. The idea was brought up to do a music themed window.

With that in mind much praying went into as what to do.

This is the result.

Designed from an old country gospel song, a favorite of some of the congregation, I Saw The Master In The Morning.

Lyrics can be found just about anywhere. Some of the lyrics were used for the design.

” I Saw The Master In The Morning”

 In Short of the versus

The sun beginning to rise,

White clouds across Heaven

Removing shadow of night

He kissed the roses

Gently touched the mountains

Breeze caught the lyrics

Whispered over the mountains

Pretty white lilies unfurled

Across valley and hills

Shown on river like diamonds

The bright ray of sun broke the heavens

Bowed in light of His presence

Peace filled my soul

He came to wake up the  world

These are parts of the lyrics used to design this window.

The artist tried to incorporate this in the window and with a lot of prayer.

Hope you enjoy.


Stained Glass Window # 3, Holy Spirit Appears in Form of Little Dove … Again

Dove Represents Holy Spirit Stained Glass Window
Dove Represents Holy Spirit Stained Glass Window
Dove Represents Holy Spirit Stained Glass Window

The little Dove given so much to do throughout history. Use to represent peace, love, used by Noah to see if the flood was over. Came back with the olive branch. Used at weddings, even at sporting events world wide as a sign  of unison and peace.

Holy Spirit as a Dove in Stained Glass Window

Most of all, the dove is used to represent the, HOLY SPIRIT, when Jesus was baptized. The  little bird has a lot to do and so much power.

This is the artist’s rendition of the Holy Spirit. Very powerful window. Bold colors, and strong meanings. Designed listening to bold music, Pearl Jam and rock and roll.

Colors Used to Represent Trinity

The purple border is the color of kings, for the King of Kings. The bright sun is God. The red rays represent the Son Jesus, followed by the 12 yellow rays as the apostles. The wreath circling is an olive branch and in the dove’s mouth as the sign from Noah

The fire color are the power colors as seen as the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.

The Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Stained Glass Window # 2- The Holy Grail

Holy Grail Stained Glass Window
Holy Grail Stained Glass Window
Holy Grail Stained Glass Window

After the Pastors window

Everyone loved the pastor’s window in the church so much, they wanted more.

It was asked of the artist to do stained glass window for all the window. Little did they know, that the Pastor’s Window was first one he ever did.

How trusting the congregation is.

Begin with Prayer for Stained Glass Window Making

Much thought and many prayers later, he decided to try and get everyone of the church members and the Pastor involved.

So the question was brought up to each and all, what do you want to see?

And the response was great. Each had their ideas.

With that being said they were all designed from their ideas.

Not Your Conventional Stained Glass Church Windows

Just not conventional church windows. Bright and cheery, instead of dark. The old ancient window were very beautiful but very dark.

Steps in Making a Stained Glass Window

  1. Many prayers for these window
  2. Lots of music.
  3. A small sketch from an accomplished artist that attends the church. He was raised on Long Island, New York. And attended a Lutheran church.
  4. Then the Bible was added, from ideas  and also the angels.

Started as the Holy Grail with the Crown of the King of Kings

Everyone likes different things. Trying to please all.

Thus this is called The Holy Grail Window.

Designed while listening to Big Band music.

Just a classic beautiful window.


New Stained Glass Windows in an Old County Church – Patriot Indiana

Pastors Window

The old church in Patriot, Indiana never had stained glass windows.

All churches need stained glass windows if they want to stay connected to tradition.

Origin of Stained Glass

Stained glass can find its roots in early Egyptian and Roman history.

Stained glass church windows are still around from the 4th and 5th centuries.

A member of the church after retiring, wanted a window, dedicated to the Pastor. Not a memorial, but dedicated in life.

The first of our new stain glassed windows was designed as a celebration to the Pastor. Wanting him to always be remembered and loved in this church.

The Pastors Window Was the First

We call it the Pastor’s window.

The red cross, is the blood of Jesus, given for our sins.

Where Jesus blood dropped, lilies grew.

We are a praying church, inspired by our Pastor.

The praying hands are there for that reason, they represent our Pastor.

The purple border, is a Kings color – for the King of kings. It is represented on all the windows. More to come.

The Pastors window was also designed while listening to music, as all of them were.

Crazy how much music can affect the thoughts of the artist.

This was designed listening to Beethoven`s  Appassionata , and other classical pieces. You will see in the future how this is to be true.

Praying to the King of Kings

Our Pastor prays to the King of Kings. And now, so do I.

Do you?