Stained Glass Window # 3, Holy Spirit Appears in Form of Little Dove … Again

Dove Represents Holy Spirit Stained Glass Window
Dove Represents Holy Spirit Stained Glass Window

The little Dove given so much to do throughout history. Use to represent peace, love, used by Noah to see if the flood was over. Came back with the olive branch. Used at weddings, even at sporting events world wide as a sign  of unison and peace.

Holy Spirit as a Dove in Stained Glass Window

Most of all, the dove is used to represent the, HOLY SPIRIT, when Jesus was baptized. The  little bird has a lot to do and so much power.

This is the artist’s rendition of the Holy Spirit. Very powerful window. Bold colors, and strong meanings. Designed listening to bold music, Pearl Jam and rock and roll.

Colors Used to Represent Trinity

The purple border is the color of kings, for the King of Kings. The bright sun is God. The red rays represent the Son Jesus, followed by the 12 yellow rays as the apostles. The wreath circling is an olive branch and in the dove’s mouth as the sign from Noah

The fire color are the power colors as seen as the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.

The Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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