The Stained Glass Window # 2- The Holy Grail

Holy Grail Stained Glass Window
Holy Grail Stained Glass Window

After the Pastors window

Everyone loved the pastor’s window in the church so much, they wanted more.

It was asked of the artist to do stained glass window for all the window. Little did they know, that the Pastor’s Window was first one he ever did.

How trusting the congregation is.

Begin with Prayer for Stained Glass Window Making

Much thought and many prayers later, he decided to try and get everyone of the church members and the Pastor involved.

So the question was brought up to each and all, what do you want to see?

And the response was great. Each had their ideas.

With that being said they were all designed from their ideas.

Not Your Conventional Stained Glass Church Windows

Just not conventional church windows. Bright and cheery, instead of dark. The old ancient window were very beautiful but very dark.

Steps in Making a Stained Glass Window

  1. Many prayers for these window
  2. Lots of music.
  3. A small sketch from an accomplished artist that attends the church. He was raised on Long Island, New York. And attended a Lutheran church.
  4. Then the Bible was added, from ideasĀ  and also the angels.

Started as the Holy Grail with the Crown of the King of Kings

Everyone likes different things. Trying to please all.

Thus this is called The Holy Grail Window.

Designed while listening to Big Band music.

Just a classic beautiful window.


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