Stained Glass #4, The Music Window in Country Church – Rural Indiana

Stained Glass Music Window
Stained Glass Music Window

This is the 4th of 7 stained glass windows made for this church. It is called:

The Music Window.

As was said before, all the windows were designed with the congregation in mind, trying to include everyone with ideas. Our church is a very musical and praying church. The idea was brought up to do a music themed window.

With that in mind much praying went into as what to do.

This is the result.

Designed from an old country gospel song, a favorite of some of the congregation, I Saw The Master In The Morning.

Lyrics can be found just about anywhere. Some of the lyrics were used for the design.

” I Saw The Master In The Morning”

 In Short of the versus

The sun beginning to rise,

White clouds across Heaven

Removing shadow of night

He kissed the roses

Gently touched the mountains

Breeze caught the lyrics

Whispered over the mountains

Pretty white lilies unfurled

Across valley and hills

Shown on river like diamonds

The bright ray of sun broke the heavens

Bowed in light of His presence

Peace filled my soul

He came to wake up the  world

These are parts of the lyrics used to design this window.

The artist tried to incorporate this in the window and with a lot of prayer.

Hope you enjoy.


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