New Stained Glass Windows in an Old County Church – Patriot Indiana

The old church in Patriot, Indiana never had stained glass windows.

All churches need stained glass windows if they want to stay connected to tradition.

Origin of Stained Glass

Stained glass can find its roots in early Egyptian and Roman history.

Stained glass church windows are still around from the 4th and 5th centuries.

A member of the church after retiring, wanted a window, dedicated to the Pastor. Not a memorial, but dedicated in life.

The first of our new stain glassed windows was designed as a celebration to the Pastor. Wanting him to always be remembered and loved in this church.

The Pastors Window Was the First

We call it the Pastor’s window.

The red cross, is the blood of Jesus, given for our sins.

Where Jesus blood dropped, lilies grew.

We are a praying church, inspired by our Pastor.

The praying hands are there for that reason, they represent our Pastor.

The purple border, is a Kings color – for the King of kings. It is represented on all the windows. More to come.

The Pastors window was also designed while listening to music, as all of them were.

Crazy how much music can affect the thoughts of the artist.

This was designed listening to Beethoven`s  Appassionata , and other classical pieces. You will see in the future how this is to be true.

Praying to the King of Kings

Our Pastor prays to the King of Kings. And now, so do I.

Do you?


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