Are People Lost Forever When They Die from an Overdose?

Are People Lost Forever When They Die from an Overdose?

This is a tough question for many people. The question is even harder for families who are faced with the loss of a loved one to an overdose. The answer can be pretty harsh as well.

Know Jesus Know Confidence
Know Jesus Know Confidence

Overdoses happen. Sadly people die as a direct result of their sin, not unlike an unintentional suicide, but a self-inflicted death nonetheless.

Does an overdose result in hell? Is there hope?

The clear answer is that there is no clear answer.

2 Things We Know about Life After Death

  1. We know – those who have made Jesus their savior are going to heaven.
  2. We know – those who have rejected Jesus as their savior are not going to heaven.

Everyone else is left to the mercy of God.

I am inclined to think there will be a lot more people in heaven than I used to think would be there. I suppose I have mellowed with age.

I don’t believe God will just save everybody. I do believe God is a gracious God and is inclined to extend his grace wherever and whenever possible. But his grace is NOT guaranteed.

Avoid Wonder and Angst at Death

People who die for whatever reason outside of a commitment to Jesus as a Savior die in wonder and angst. And they leave their loved ones in the same state.

There is a guarantee to those who die in a committed relationship to Jesus. What a wonderful way to die and an equally precious present for their remaining loved ones – to know they are in heaven and will meet again.

God’s Love is Greater Than My Love

I don’t love my children more than God loves me. I cannot think of any reason why I would not want my children to come home. The only reason I would not accept them home is if they rejected me and refused to come home. God’s love for his children is greater than my love for my children. But God’s love is not guaranteed.

How to Face Death

Face death having loved Jesus and making him your Savior. In this way you can die in peace and leave your loved ones in peace as well.

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